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Natural Cat Health - vibrantly healthy cats naturally


Naturally Healthy Cats
Naturally Healthy Cats
This comprehensive, downloadable work details how to feed your cat a natural diet, including the sometimes challenging transition period. It has a variety of recipes to delight your cat yet can easily fit in with your busy schedule. It covers the importance and source of various nutrients.
Many home prescribing homeopathic medicines are detailed for acute prescribing.


On-Line Courses
Quartz Natural Pet Health CourseQuartz Natural Pet Health
This on-line course aims to help you  feed your pet naturally. You will learn why this is important to do, to keep your pet healthy. The effect is a happy, energetic pet and a reduced strain on your wallet. Emails are sent out weekly. The duration is one year.


Opal Homeopathic CourseOpal On-Line Homeopathic Course
This starts at the very beginning. You will learn about the philosophy of homeopathy and the materia medica (the remedies) in easy-to-understand layman’s terms. The lessons are emailed to you weekly. You can contact me during the course, for any difficulties you are experiencing. The duration is one year. This course is for people as well as animals.


Natural Treatment of Injuries
The Natural Treatment of Injuries – with Homeopathy
Injuries are common to everyone. Yet they are rarely treated successfully. Years later, they can come back to haunt you. The long term effect of injury can be chronic pain. Treat the cause and the effect will disappear. This comprehensive guide is instantly downloadable.
I combine the treatment of animals along with the treatment of people as there is no difference.