My cat keeps biting me! It has been going on for months now. I can’t think of any specific thing that started it. I have read up on the internet and the articles say she is just playing but I don’t buy that. I play with her at night when I get home from work but that doesn’t seem to help. When I sit on the lounge to watch TV she glares at me, the ears go back, tail swishes back and forth and she launches herself at me. I usually just put her on the floor and try to ignore her but she will keep going for me or my legs. Eventually she will get up on my lap and go to sleep.

I think it started after my daughter moved out of home in February. Kitten is home alone a lot more now as my daughter was home for parts of the day and I am at work all day. There have been two occasions when I have been away for a week and my daughter has come home to look after Kitten. Nothing else has changed or happened that I can remember.

I am only feeding Kitten dry food now – which I know you don’t like but it seems to be the only thing she will eat. I used to give her a chicken neck for dinner and some dry food in the morning but she stopped eating the chicken necks. I gave her mince once but she wouldn’t touch it.

Kitten will also go to bite me when I am at the table working on the computer or reading a book. Sometimes she attacks my legs when I am playing with her.

As I write this it sounds like she wants more attention but if I try to pat her while I’m doing other stuff she bites my hand. She also doesn’t like being picked up. She wasn’t like this when she was a little kitten – she was very cuddly and gentle. (Kitten is about 11 months old).

I took her to the vet 23 Nov 2009 to have the 12 month vaccination.

The vet was angry with me when I told her I was feeding her a raw diet.

OMG I am so amazed! Kitten has been raw for 6 days now and what a difference! In fact, I noticed the difference on the second day. She is so much calmer, more loving, and far less aggressive towards me. I have been letting her outside in the morning before I go to work. She stays out for about 20 minutes and then comes racing inside to say hello. She then goes out again until I have to leave.

I have found a product call R.A.W BARF which is a raw food product developed by a vet in Bathurst NSW. It contains human quality food; flesh, bones, offal, vegetables and fruit, so pretty much a complete meal. I give Kitten a serve of that for breakfast and a chicken neck for dinner.

Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to get Kitten back to raw food. She is a delight to have around.

KittenSydney, NSW, Australia