natural cat health

A New Way To Think
About Your Cat's Health


Diet, lifestyle and healthcare all play critical roles in your cat's health. Discover the best approaches for a vibrantly healthy cat.

Nutritious Food For Cats

No-one can be healthy when they eat the wrong food for their species or when the food is not nutritious. Sadly, the wrong food is endemic in today's world.

Discover how to feed your cat for vital health and longevity.

Natural Health Care Supports Healthy Immunity

Despite all the new technologies in veterinary medicine, there is an epidemic of unhealthy cats. The immune system is neglected.

Discover holistic ways to restore its efficiency for a vibrantly healthy cat!



Make your own cat food with love using the easy steps outlined in my ebook.


Happy, vibrant cats need regular exercise, mental stimulation and access to Nature, as much as is safe.

Health Care

Homeopathy offers the fastest way to restore health. It supports the immune system and the cats best efforts to help themselves.

A Raw Diet

what vets say about raw cat food

Carnivores (cats) and omnivores at the carnivore end of the scale (dogs) have evolved, from the very start of life, on a diet of raw meat and bones. They are hunters. They are.....

How Holistic Health Works

holistic health

Many people appreciate the effects of the right diet for health. Most people understand that living conditions have an impact on health. A few people have heard of homeopathy, but don’t really know.....

Raw Versus Processed

raw vs processed

The current health of the modern domestic cat is in a sorry state. It's a far cry from their healthy, wild cousins. Wild cats are naturally healthy cats, having evolved over millenia. This shows that human......

Feeding Cats Raw

feeding cats raw

While many people understand the benefit of feeding cats a healthy raw diet, their cat has other ideas! It's not uncommon for cats to resist all your nest efforts.

This course takes you through simple steps to get your cat DEMANDING raw!

Why Natural Health?

why natural health

People often find me because they have become desperate. They’ve spent a ton of money at their vet's, which many often can’t afford. And there’s been no change. Or the diagnosis is grim. As the cat’s health declines.....



Many people ask me about this controversial subject. While it is never my intention to tell anyone what to do as we are all on a learning journey, when people don’t fully understand something, they can’t make.....

What Others Say

Blood in the urine

Thank you for calling me months ago and telling me to take up the kibble to save my Siamese, Lovey Dovey. That’s exactly what I did immediately after our talk and we’ve never gone back.
The vets couldn’t do a thing for her and we were days away from burying her in our yard but now she is alert, active...



Our cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and prescribed meds for life. We questioned the vet and she said this is the only option. I refused and started researching holistic alternatives - which is how I found your work. We changed her diet as per your ebook recs and within 24 hrs her symptoms went down. Within just one...

Makenzie Marzluff

Stomatitis and...

History since starting raw food: Her main problems were stomatitis and anal glands that had to be manually expressed every 6 weeks or so. We started with raw food gradually on 10-13-21. When I took her to the vet for the periodic anal gland check, they checked her mouth, too. The vet asked me what I was doing differently because the redness ...

Glenna Bailey

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