People often find me because they have become desperate.

You’ve spent a ton of money at their vet's, which many often can’t afford. And there’s been no change. Or the diagnosis is grim. As the cat’s health declines, many rush back to the vet, who ironically may have caused or exacerbated the problem in the first place. Many don’t realise their trust is ill founded.

My aim is to restore the overall health of your cat, on a deep level, not just treat visible disease. Be assured that I’m here to help.

The difference between vets and homeopaths:

  • Vets focus on disease management. Homeopaths focus on restoring health.
  • Vets treat symptoms. Homeopaths treat the underlying cause.
  • Veterinary medicine is often harmful. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects.
  • Veterinary solutions are expensive. Homeopathic remedies are only a few dollars.
  • Vets can’t resolve chronic issues. Homeopaths can.
  • Vets prescribe based on the sickness, not your cat as an individual being. Homeopaths consider your cat’s physical and emotional state, behaviour, personality and history before prescribing anything.

Every single health ailment is a result of a poor immune system.

That may sound too simple for some when you are confronted with the array of illnesses cats (and everyone else) can suffer with. But, I assure you, it’s true.

Cats have wonderful and natural ways to stay healthy. Even when things are stacked up against them. The body tries and tries. And often maintains a form of a level of health for years. But eventually, the burden overwhelms them and you start to see the cracks. They haven’t just appeared. They took years. The immune system can’t support a healthy life any more. Maybe not even life itself.

The ailments start off with minor ones such as an eye discharge or a skin condition. But as the years pass, the accumulative effect leads to more serious conditions, such as dirty teeth, stomatitis, kidney/renal problems, digestive problems, diabetes and other auto-immune problems, cancer and more.

Deeply damaging drugs and surgeries are typical veterinary solutions. But they never cure. They can’t because they never deal with the cause. They only ever suppress the body’s symptoms so you think things are better. But the health of the cat, or whoever, has notched down a few pegs. They lack energy. They become more sluggish, lack lustre.

I’m here to assure you that it is possible to
turn the health of your cat around.

But you need to start thinking differently.

Einstein is famous for saying, “A problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Deeper, long term healing takes time and patience, unlike veterinary medicine which can mask the problem and cause long term damage that pops up later as a new problem.
I help you:

  • appreciate that the symptoms your cat is exhibiting is their way of communicating to you what they need to restore health
  • convert your cat to a species appropriate diet, which can undo so much harm, just on its own
  • understand the most damaging toxins and how to avoid them as well as eliminate them
  • understand when you need professional help and why the holistic modality of homeopathy offers you the best and most affordable way back to good health for your cat
  • It doesn’t matter if the health condition is an acute disease, a chronic disease, an autoimmune disease, a behavioural problem, an inherited problem, a rare disease. They can all be improved, often dramatically, if not completely, by this approach.
  • I do this because I believe the combination of the right diet and homeopathic treatment is unbeatable.