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As happens so often in life, it was my animals, or one in particular, who first drew my attention to the amazing healing properties of homeopathy. One of my cats suffered bad eczema. Over several years, my vet had tried a variety of different drugs. The eczema did improve under one of them, but it came with a serious effect. She was a normally balanced and happy cat, but under this drug she became angry and aggressive.

Eventually, I decided to stop the treatment, as I decided the eczema bothered me more that it did her.

Discussing this with a new friend one day, she suggested homeopathy. I knew nothing about it, but was willing to try. She gave me the name of a homeopath to contact. After a telephone discussion, he sent me a homeopathic remedy. Within days, the eczema receded then vanished. And she remained her normal happy self! And it never returned!

It was the late George MacCleod I had consulted, the well known UK vet who used homeopathy exclusively when he found the benefits it gave to his own health. He was happy to let the veterinary side go after he had found a much more effective discipline of health care.

The treatment was little short of astounding in its complete effectiveness, its speed and its total lack of side effects. I didn’t even know there was such a health care system available. You could call it a miracle, but miracles are daily occurrences when you let go of your limited beliefs.

When an opportunity arose later in my life, I decided to study homeopathy, really to treat myself and family. As I got into it however, I thought I just can’t keep this to myself. I must offer this to others. So I became a professional homeopath.

I offer you access to this astoundingly effective, rapid and totally safe method of holistic healing.

Homeopathic Home Prescribing

I love to empower people! There is nothing quite as powerful in taking control of the health of yourself and your family. When your cat develops a health problem, how satisfying it is to treat them yourself! And this is quite aside from the time you save and the not inconsiderable vet bills you save. And the bonus is that not only does the cat improve, but their overall health also improves, making further problems less likely to happen.

Learning how to use the common homeopathic remedies at home gives you that ability. However, I suggest this should not be the start of your journey. Start by using the services of a professional homeopath for both your needs and those of your cat. Only when you have some experience of seeing what they can do, as well as the guidance of someone you like and trust, do I suggest you increase your ability.

Then, arming yourself with the common homeopathic remedies, and a course which explains how to use them, you can increase your knowledge. This can be both fun and very satisfying.

My Credentials

My training as a homeopath was with the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in Victoria, Australia. I graduated with a Diploma in Homoeopathy in 2000. This was the highest level of training at the time.

I have been in full time practice ever since, as a consultant homoeopath, and treat both people and animals. I also teach homeopathy.

AHAI am a professional member of the Australian Register of Homoeopaths and the Australian Homoeopathic Association. I have been active on the committee of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Homoeopathic Association, being the secretary and then president for many years.AROH

Do join me on a journey to vibrant health for your cat! Every aspect of holistic health care and what can cause it to tumble, are investigated.

Madeleine Innocent D Hom