Autoimmune Disorders in Cats

By Madeleine Innocent
autoimmune in cats

Autoimmune disorders in cats has been on the rise for the last few decades. Common veterinary labels include: feline immunodeficienvy virus, feline leukemia virus, immune mediated hemolytic anemia, systemic lupus erythematosus and a host more.

In essence, it means your cat’s immune system is not working very well and they are exhibiting a host of health problems which are stubbornly not improving. Despite your vet’s best efforts.

Or maybe because of your vet’s best efforts. 

Diet is King

It comes as no surprise to those who are on a journey to better health themselves, that the diet is the number one cause of any and every health disorder.

It’s exactly the same as putting the wrong fuel in your car. It may splutter along for a while, but if you keep doing that, eventually the engine will give way and a major overhaul is needed.

It’s not so easy to perform a major overhaul on a living being such as yourself or your cat. Happily, the diet will do most of the work for you.

When you feed your cat the natural diet their wild cousins evolved on - raw meat and bones - in a surprisingly short period of time, their health starts to improve.

Getting them started, or convincing yourself that this is the way forward, may not be as easy.

Who Trains Vets

Veterinary schools always seem to be short of money. At least that’s the impression they give, as they’re very happy to engage industry personnel to teach their students. Ask any vet who trained them in nutrition at vet school. Invariably it was a rep from Big Pet Food.

It’s not reasonable to suggest this is eclectric training, free from bias.

In addition, the same reps supply the vet students with free packets of their products to feed their pets. Most students readily accept this bonus without realising they’re being trapped. They’re going to start feeling obliged. 

Autoimmune Disorders in Cats 

Many holistic vets and natural therapists like to start the treatment of any immune defiiency disease in cats off with a change of diet. This is because the cat can improve so much, it’s the difference between making the subsequent treatment complicated or easy. Not just for them, for you and your cat as well.

Not only is this approach MUCH lighter on your pocket, it’s also a LOT less traumatic for your cat.

And that’s a big deal as the more you stress your cat, and look how easily they’re stressed, the more problems you’re adding. 

Do Tests Help?

When your cat has a weak immune system, having a barrage of tests done is much more likely to worry you than to help in the return of their health.

In addition, blood tests are not very accurate. It’s unusual for cats not to be stressed by the drive to the vet, by the energy of fear at the clinic, by the strange people poking and prodding them, however nice they are. This will ALWAYS skew results.

Vets know this, but it’s their gold standard as it’s all they have.

What’s interesting is that the treatment is likely to be the same whatever the label is - antibiotics and steroids.

It’s a lot more realistic to look to the cat for problems. If your cat can’t eat, the most likely problem is inflammation of the gums, making eating painful.

The cause?

The diet.

If your cat is drinking and peeing a lot, it’s either showing a kidney disease or they’re fed dry ‘food’.

Either way, what’s the cause, or at least one of the major causes?

The diet.

If your cat tests positive for any of the viral diseases, drugs are going to further diminish an already struggling immune system.

Instead, look to the cause.

The diet.

If your cat has developed one of the cancers, then you have ignored, or allowed others to ignore, all the symptoms your cat was showing for the years prior to this development.

Even so, a change of diet could restore their health.

Autoimmune disorders in cats have become much more common since the advent of commercial cat food, especially the very damaging dry ‘food.

It also means the problem hasn’t just started, so the healing will take time.

Good homeopathic treatment compliments the change to a healthier diet, as it acts by helping the immune system to recover to its naturally efficient state. 


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