There are three aspects to booking a consultation:


Single Booking
To book an  initial or follow up consultation for your cat, please use this booking link.

Double or Combination
Please use this booking link for a double consultation (such as with two cats).

Please indicate the patient’s name on the booking.

NB – Errors can occur if you do not have the correct time zone set on your devise.

Please return to this page after you have booked the time.


If this is an initial consultation, please fill out this questionnaire. (Don’t forget to ‘submit’ it at the end.)


I need to know the following details on how we are to communicate, so please send me an email, or include the details in the questionnaire.

Details I need include:

Is this a visit to my clinic or a distant consultation?
If this is to be a distant consultation, then which tools are easiest for you to use – Skype, telephone, other?
If Skype, please let me have your Skype name (not your personal name).
If by phone, please let me have your phone number, including country and area code.
If by phone, please let me know if the phone is a landline or cell/mobile phone.

WARNING – Without these details, I may cancel the consultation as I may not be able to communicate with you.