Practices That Lead to Cats Health Problems

By Madeleine Innocent

Unknowingly, unwittingly, the majority of people who share their lives with a cat or three contribute to their cats health problems.

However, knowledge is power and when you realise what you’re doing is damaging, you can make changes.

People often feel guilty that they were the ones to cause the problems. However, as they were generally following mainstream advice, their guilt is ill founded.

Currently, the world is waking up to the abundant deceptions they have swallowed in all good faith, all their lives. It’s been going on for centuries. In the cat world, perhaps just decades.

How do you cut through what’s good and healthy for your cat and what’s poor information?

One way, as the saying goes, is to follow the money. Who benefits from the advice? Are you being coerced, pressurised?

Another way is to learn to follow your feelings. These are more like whispers compared with your mind shrieking at you. So you have to get good at cutting through the noise.

And another way, is to follow Nature. 

Follow The Example of A Wild Cats Diet

Domestic cats are wild cats in disguise. They may look a little different, but their immune systems, their biology, their mentality, their stresses are all the same as their wild cousins.

Wild cats, big and small, are very successful. They live almost all over the world. They can survive in very cold climates and very hot climates. They are adaptable as long as they have prey.

The very first thing to learn from wild cats is their diet. It’s freshly caught prey, appropriate to their size. Small cats catch small animals and consume almost everything, often leaving or regurgitating fur and feathers.

Crunching up on small, raw bones keep their teeth and gums in perfect health.

This healthy diet is a far, far cry from the dreadful commercial cat food so many feed their cats.

No-one can be healthy when their diet doesn’t support that. There is no exception to any of the common or not so common health problems cats suffer from that cannot be laid fairly and squarely at the door of poor nutrition.

You only have to make the change to see a dramatic improvement.

Please don’t imagine for a moment that the manufacturers care about your cat. They only care about their profit. The effort is in convincing you, not providing healthy food.

Wild Cats Are Stoic 

The small wild cats are both predators and prey, due to their size. Prey animals always have to be stoic so as not to alert their predators to a weakness.

This means we have to be alert to any health problems in the making. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do anything. Watching and waiting can be wise if your cat is otherwise healthy. Their immune system may be strong enough to effectively deal with what’s going on.

A real holistic, homeopath or homeopathic vet knows the difference. They know when to leave well alone and when to intervene.

Wild Cats Are Easily Stressed

It’s not uncommon for anyone to suffer, both physically and mentally, from stress, fear, fright, shock. And it can be permanent. Cats, being independent and self sufficient, are far more sensitive than most people realise.

A car trip, a trip to a busy vet clinic with all the frightened animals, barking dogs, chemical smells and strangers, can have a profound and debilitating effect on a sensitive cat. These can translate into physical pathology.

You, or your preferred feline’s health practitioner, needs to be able to decipher the causes of health issues. It isn’t necessarily straight forward. You have to think outside the square.

Your cats health problems are likely to be a little complex when you bear in mind all the damaging practices we deal out to cats. These can come from the diet, to the early removal from their mother, to all the vet procedures and practices, to no access to direct sun or contact with the earth.

You can’t do much about some of these issues. However, the one thing you CAN do, and it’s the one thing that ONLY you can do, is to change the diet. And this one action can have a massively positive effect on your cats health problems.


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