Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome - Natural Healing 

By Madeleine Innocent
feline hyperesthesia syndrome

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome comes with a few other self explanatory names - rolling skin disease, twitchy cat syndrome and other variations. Basically it’s about muscle twitching or minor contractions that can be so irritating your normally placid cat is driven crazy.

So the skin can ripple randomly or after any form of touch - self grooming or your gentle stroke. It can make them startle and very vocal. It can lead to biting the affected areas and chasing their tail. It really does cause them a lot of grief. It’s very intense and one imagines, very painful.

This is a neurological condition. Nerve pain is pretty intense and unpleasant to say the least. It’s often rated as being 10/10 on the level of pain.

Let’s break down the name to understand what it may indicate:

  • hyper means over or too much
  • esthesia means a sensation or a sensibility

So the word looks impressively scientific, but it just means a high sensitivity to something.

If you search for a veterinary explanation for this, you’ll discover they haven’t a clue what causes it.

Yet anyone with a couple of brain cells can easily tell you the cause.

What a Healthy Body Needs

No one can be healthy is they don’t eat the right food for their species. For cats, their natural diet is meat and bones, being true carnivores. Whilst they can survive on an omnivore diet for a while (which is what all commercial cat food is), they’ll never be healthy and will normally have a short life, dying of a degenerative chronic disease.

An omnivorous diet includes both meat and plant food. Yet cats can’t assimilate plant food as they have never had the need. Their digestive system isn’t geared for plant food. You know that because there will be a lot of foul smelling, frequently passed stool.

Foul smelling stool is not normal in anyone and it shows poor digestion.

A switch to a quality raw meat and bones diet can change that.

Commercial cat food is not only high in plant food (because it’s cheaper than meat), it is also nutrient deficient.

When anyone lives on a nutrient deficient food for long enough, they will develop all sorts of symptoms. Symptoms to which the medical and veterinary industry attach long and impressive sounding names probably to make them appear more important than they really are.

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome comes in that category.

It’s not just about the deficiencies in nutrition that causes poor health and a host of diseases.-


Commercial cat food, especially the popular dry food, is laced with harsh and hazardous preservatives that would never be allowed in human food. How else could meat be stored at room temperature for years, as the dry food can be?
They’ll be labelled as antioxidants or some other name that doesn’t sound alarm bells.

Don’t be fooled.

Ever heard of ethoxyquin?

It’s used in the rubber industry. If workers don’t wear protective clothing, they suffer organ damage.

Guess what cats weak link is.

Kidney failure and the whole renal system - kidney stones, crystals, blood in the urine, urinary blockages.

Ever heard of formaldehyde?

Undertakers/funeral directors use it to preserve dead bodies.

And they put it in cat food.

These toxic chemicals cause neurological problems. How is it possible not to?

Garbage in, garbage out.

Just to make matters worse, toxins attract fleas. Toxins are eliminated through the skin as well as through the other elimination pathways. Fleas are useful indicators of toxins.

But what do vets do?

Sell you highly neurologically toxic flea preparations.

Which make matters worse.

Is it any wonder cats, who are highly sensitive beings, suffer with feline hyperesthesia syndome?

The solution is obvious when you know the cause:

  • feed a healthy raw diet
  • stay away from chemicals
  • use homeopathic vets or practitioners for health care needs

You’ll spend less, your cat will be much healthier and you’ll be less anxious, biting your nails wondering what’s going on. 


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