finding raw cat food in a pandemic

Finding raw cat food during a pandemic may make you search further afield than normal. The bare shelves in shops, the panic buying, the stock piling makes it all more difficult for reasonable people to make their normal purchases.

Those who have converted their cats (and dogs, although they can exist on plant based foods for short periods) to raw food don’t want to go back to the bad old ways and then have to go through the conversion stage again. They have seen the huge improvements in health the raw food provides.

What can you do?

Most people have a week or so of food in their freezers.

Here are my suggestions, in a rough order of priority. I welcome others.

  • If you are feeding pet grade meat, buy human grade meat.
  • If you feed organic, get non-organic.
  • Buy different meats to your usual, as long as it’s raw.
  • Shop early in the morning.
  • Search your local farms to see if you can purchase direct from them.
  • See if there are any frozen deliveries directly from farms, such as SevenSons.
  • If you are making your own, then search for raw food brands, The Canadian company Carnivora have the best standards and ingredients that I have seen in a brand.
  • If the raw market dries up, then get dehydrated raw. Just make sure it is well hydrated before feeding.
  • The occasional whole egg beaten with the same amount of water is a perfectly acceptable food for most cats (unless they have liver issues, indicated by an intolerance to fatty food).
  • The best of a bad lot, in my opinion, of the commercial cat food, is whole fish in spring water. You can get that in the human food section, too. Be scrupulous about checking the ingredients.
  • If you have to resort to commercial cat food, feed less than normal, so the damage is limited.


Power outages are normally short lived. Top up your freezers with packs of ice (normally available), if they do last long enough to start thawing the food.

Unless you have a sick cat (or even then), a fasting day here and there is healthy, natural and normal. Good for us, too!

The shortages in the shops can’t last forever, unless the idea is to kill us all, slowly. Which doesn’t make very good commercial sense.

The results of finding raw cat food in a pandemic can lead you on a path that yields much better results in the long run, not just for your cat. There is always a silver lining in every cloud.


Madeleine Innocent
Madeleine Innocent

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