I'll Teach You How To Restore Your Cat's Health Using Simple Strategies That Work


by Madeleine Innocent

No need for previous experience - this is very easy to implement
Everything I teach can be made effortlessly - minimum effort needed
The return on investment in your cat's health is huge - get started for very low cost

Naturally Healthy Cats
12 Chapters Covering Everything You Need

It wasn’t many years ago when domestic cats lived long and trouble-free lives. Now, despite all the modern veterinary care and special diets, domestic cats lead shorter lives and suffer with more health problems.

It doesn't matter what the current state of your cat's health is, be it an occasional cough or an auto immune disease such as diabetes, stomatitis or cancer, ALL conditions can improve when you provide a healthy diet, based on your cat's evolution, made with love. Frequently, this leads to a FULL recovery.

the essentials

The Essentials

Discover the essential requirements for your cat to be healthy, vibrant and energetic.

cats with cancer

Commercial Cat Food

When you discover what goes into commercial cat food, versus what they need, you can appreciate the urgent need to change the diet.

the ingredients

List Of Ingredients

Everything you need to know about making your own cat food, with love.

Cats Are Fussy Eaters For  A Good Reason

Discover why cats are fussy eaters and how to banish that forever. Knowledge is power!


Time To Treat

There comes a time in everyone's life when outside help is needed. Discover what that might be for your cat and where to find the best health care.

your part

Your Part In Your Cat's Healing

People want to DO something when their cat is ill. There is one thing that ONLY you can do and that is to change the diet.

How to Ebook


one time payment - full access

Discover the problems that lead to ill health

Find out what you can do to restore your cat's health

A small investment now leads to BIG future savings (financial and traumas)

Automatic removal of toxins

Discover how to convert even the fussiest eater!

Keep those lovey spiky teeth free of tartar, effortlessly

Why eating can be painful, and natural solutions

How and where to source the ingredients

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What Readers Say

History since starting raw food: Her main problems were stomatitis and anal glands that had to be manually expressed every 6 weeks or so. We started with raw food gradually on 10-13-21. When I took her to the vet for the periodic anal gland check, they checked her mouth, too. The vet asked me what I was doing differently because the redness and inflammation in her mouth was calmed down quite a bit. And her anal glands were empty. The vet said it appeared they were functioning again.

Glenda Bailey

I just wanted to give you an update on Zoe and my other two kitties. Since switching them to the all raw diet, all of their coats have gotten much softer and shinier, all of their sneezing, weepy eyes and runny noses that seemed to appear every few weeks have stopped, and Tanner's hairless, scabbed up patches on the back of both legs (supposedly from herpes) have completely healed! Yay!

Rachel Unger

Our cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and prescribed meds for life. We questioned the vet and she said this is the only option. I refused and started researching holistic alternatives - which is how I found your work. We changed her diet as per your ebook recs and within 24 hrs her symptoms went down. Within just one month, her thyroid levels were completely back to normal. The vet was shocked and seemed even embarrassed. We are so grateful for you!! Thank you for doing this work!

Makenzie Marzluff

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION 1 Isn't raw meat full of bacteria?
Cats have stomach acid that is about 20 times stronger than ours, so they can easily deal with fresh meat. 
QUESTION 2 - Why do vets hate raw food?
Vets have been trained by the commercial pet food industries, so their knowledge is limited to that. Holistic vets don't hold the same views, neither do zoo vets.
QUESTION 3 - My cat is a very finicky eater. I feel he will refuse the change.
Cats fed a lifetime of commercial cat food are 'junkie' cats. Once you understand that, it's much easier to transition through the conversion stage.
QUESTION 4 - My concern is if the diet is balanced. For instance, what about taurine?
You'll find taurine, and the other supplements that are added to commercial cat food, are present in good quality fresh meat and bones. 


Learn how to use the Bach flower remedies for cats.

Edward Bach was a Harley Street (London, UK) physician. He became disillusioned with his profession and wanted to find a way that was easy for the layman to treat himself holistically and effectively. He spent several years on this and finally came up with 38 remedies. 

While these remedies mostly use mental and emotional symptoms as the selection process, I have created a course on how to interpret the symptoms cats show, to successfully use these wonderful remedies.



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