People often find me because they have become desperate. They have spent a ton of money, often which they can’t afford, at the vets. But there has been no change. Or the diagnosis is grim. So you went searching.

That’s great, because it’s the only way to find out about anything. One person or one system never has all the answers.

Be assured that I am here to help.


Please don’t look, or ask, for a magic bullet to cure all ails.

They don’t exist.

Instead, ailments, the chronic ones, which generally are the ones that get people’s attention, develop slowly.

Every body, cats included, have wonderful and natural ways to stay healthy. Even when things are stacked up against them. The body tries and tries. And often maintains a form of a level of health for years. But eventually, the burden overwhelms them and you start to see the cracks.

They haven’t just appeared. They took years.

The immune system can’t support a healthy life any more. Maybe not even life itself.


That may sound too simple for some when you are confronted with the array of illnesses cats (and everyone else) can suffer with. But, I assure you, it is true.

The ailments start off with minor ones such as an eye discharge or a skin condition. But as the years pass, the accumulative effect leads to more serious conditions, such as dirty teeth, stomatitis, kidney/renal problems, digestive problems, diabetes and other auto-immune problems, cancer and more.

More and more deeply damaging drugs and surgeries are vets only solutions.

But they never cure. They can’t because they never deal with the cause. They only ever suppress the body’s symptoms so you think things are better. But the health of the cat, or whoever, has notched down a few pegs. They lack energy. They become more sluggish, lack lustre.

I’m here to assure you that it IS possible to turn the health of your cat around. But you need to start thinking differently.

Einstein is famous for saying, “A problem cannot be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

So what is the cause of a deteriorating immune system?fuel

Well, one of the BIGGEST problems is the diet.

People seem to care more about putting the right fuel in their car than the right food into their bodies. They know full well that the wrong fuel can damage an engine, sometimes permanently.

EXACTLY THE SAME IS TRUE FOR THE BODY, whether the being is a human, a cat, a dog, whoever…


When you start feeding your cat according to their evolutionary history, miracles can start to happen. People often find the problems disappear, the years peel away, and the delightfully playful kitten re-emerges.

The questions in your mind now probably include:

  • what type of food?
  • how do I know it’s balanced?
  • is it as easy as opening a can or packet?
  • how do I switch my cat over to a new diet?

And the one so many give up with before they have even started – “my cat is very fussy, I don’t think it would work”.

I get it.

I have had the pleasure of living with cats all my life. But they have never been as healthy as they have since I adopted this diet 20 + years ago. Sure, getting to that point may not be plain sailing. Ever tried to get a kid who is hooked on junk food, to eat a salad?

This is where I come in.

I’ve been there. Done that.

Without any help.

So I know the pitfalls.

And I know cats.

I can help you through the problems.





It’s the one thing you can do RIGHT NOW, with very little outlay.wallet

For some, this is totally logical. For others, incomprehensible.

For those who find this incomprehensible, I hope the upcoming emails will give you a better understanding. Unlearning and re-learning is best approached one step at a time, otherwise it is overwhelming.


Sometimes, the problem is too serious to wait for the diet to take effect.

As already discussed, the smooth running of your car depends on the type of fuel you use, and that is HUGELY important, as it won’t run as well, if at all, with the wrong fuel. However, that isn’t the end. Your car will still hit problems, which need servicing by trained personnel.

Health is much the same. The right diet is imperative for the smooth running of day-to-day activity. But sometimes, that isn’t the complete answer. Some old problems may need a bit of extra attention. Some new problems may occur, such as accidents.

homeopathyHomeopathic treatment is a gentle, holistic way to help support and restore the health of the immune system. When this occurs, the body can heal itself. Of any condition.

The effect can be rapid.

Just as you have consultations with vets, it’s best to have homeopathic consultations. Guessing on your part, even when you know a bit about homeopathy, is likely to yield nothing.

The next step. If you would like to work with me, then check out what you’re getting.

With over 20 years experience, you can be assured that you are getting the best possible support to enable you to achieve the results you want.

Enjoy the journey! Life throws us curved balls to help us grow. And cats have been amongst my best teachers. They may be yours, too!

Please note – I only prescribe on consultation. Health is complex and playing the guessing game is not useful. Getting the diet right for the species is a big enough job for you 🙂