If I didn’t have a cat, or any other animal

My china cupboards would have china in them.

I wouldn’t know all the butchers in town, being a vegetarian.

I wouldn’t have covers on my furniture.

My furniture wouldn’t have threads pulled out.

I wouldn’t have litter trays gracing my living room.

I would be able to go on holiday.

I wouldn’t have to be careful turning over in bed, in case I disturbed a furry friend.

I wouldn’t spend time hunting out the source of bad smells before a guest arrives.

I wouldn’t have to fence off the veggie patch.

I wouldn’t worry about visitors frightening the cats.

I wouldn’t have boxes left out for my furry friends to sit in.

I wouldn’t have beds in strange places.

I would still have smashable ornaments.

People wouldn’t give you feline related presents

I wouldn’t have to defend the contents of the fridge each time I open the door.

I wouldn’t have holes in the garden.

I could stay out beyond dinner time without feeling guilty

I wouldn’t have got into the habit of twice daily walks.

I couldn’t think of a more deprived life.


Madeleine Innocent
Madeleine Innocent

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