naturally healthy cats

This ebook takes you through the steps necessary to convert a cat to a raw diet. Cats are fussy eaters for a reason. Once you understand the reason and start to feed them the right food, the fussiness will diminish and vanish to return only when you deviate. It shows you what foods to feed for a balanced diet and suggests a variety of recipes.

homeopathic home prescribing course

This homeopathic home prescribing online course teaches you to use the common remedies at home for acute conditions. It is self paced. It consists of 53 lessons, each containing a remedy and an aspect of philosophy in both video and article form. Self marking, periodic quizzes test your learning along the way.

10 remedy collection

This collection of remedies includes the homeoprophylaxis remedies plus some common acute remedies. It includes postage (may change), instructions and a half hour consultation to help you use it effectively. What is homeoprophylaxis?

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flea complex

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worm complex

Tapeworm complex – more information

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