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Two Legs and Four

This site is dedicated to providing naturally healthy solutions for all the family.

Natural Dogs Health

This site is dedicated to having a naturally healthy dog.

Truth About Pet Food

Susan Thixton goes into great detail about commercial pet food.

If you still think feeding this is nutritious for your cat, I encourage you to delve into her website and find out the truth.

The truth can make a big difference to your determination to feed real food to reluctant cats!

Films on Homeopathy

just one drop film
magic pills movie
homeopathie film

Raw Cat Food Brands

Whilst there are raw brands of cat food out there, most of them come with problems:

1 – invariably they include veggies and fruit – for a carnivore, who has no ability to digest or utilise plant based food? (This is very different from the grass and herbs cats use as medicine.)

2 – invariably supplements are added, but as they are the synthetic ones made in a laboratory, often from petro-chemicals, they can’t be termed food by any stretch of the imagination. They are toxic and harmful especially when used over an extended period. (These ‘supplements’ MAY offer some support to chronically deficient beings if used over a SHORT period.)

3 – cats need to crunch up on whole bones to keep their teeth clean and to massage their gums. By adding ground bones to the food, certainly this helps supply the essential macro minerals, but does nothing for the health of their teeth.

Carnivora and EvolutionRaw, both in Canada and My Pet Carnivore in USA are currently the only raw brands I can recommend. However they still need the addition of whole bones to crunch on for oral health. Please be aware that I don’t necessarily keep up with any changes they may make, so the onus is still on you to check them out.

In Times Of Food Shortages

In these uncertain times of food shortages, then I suggest you stock up on freeze dried raw brands. However please check the ingredients carefully for the addition of veggies, fruit and additives as these are unsuitable at best and harmful at worst.

I don’t believe freeze dried raw food is as good as fresh or freshly frozen meat, but certainly they’re not as bad as canned or dry food.

Buy from farmers markets or local farmers if you can. They are more inclined to look after you than supermarkets/grocery stores, where you’re just a number.

Good Sources of Meat in America

Eatwild lists farms who care for their animals.