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Purchasing Homeopathic Remedies

When you purchase a homeopathic remedy online, or anywhere other than directly from a homeopathic practitioner, there has to be, usually by law, some indication of what it can be used for.

However, please be aware that every homeopathic remedy has hundreds, often thousands, of conditions it can resolve. That would be a trifle difficult to put on a small label!

So the manufacturers put on one of the most common symptoms it can be used for. That doesn’t mean to say that if you, or yours, have that condition, it will help. It’s more complicated than that.

Homeopathy doesn’t work the same way as the current allopathic medicine does. In allopathic medicine, they are focusing only on the condition. Normally, their treatment suppresses the symptom rather than curing the problem. That’s the reason you have to keep taking their drugs.

In homeopathy, we look for causes for the problem. We dig around until we can see a glimmer of a cause then work to see if that is the problem. If not, we dig around some more.

Most people are entrenched in the allopathic way of thinking. The decades of persuasion have been effective. The label on the remedy vial has to take that into consideration.

That means most people are only looking at the effect of the cause when they self prescribe. That can lead to a cure as long as the event they’re treating is recent.

If it isn’t recent, their effort may be in vain.

When a problem isn’t treated energetically (ie with homeopathy or similar) quickly, the body adapts to the problem. It tries to work around it as best it can so it doesn’t interfere with you life too much.

homeopathic remedies

This makes the treatment much more complicated.

When you consult a homeopathic practitioner, which is usually for a chronic condition (ie a condition that has been around for a while, which often results in problems arising in other areas) we’re looking for the original cause.

Once this is addressed, then EVERYTHING starts to heal. That’s what is meant by holistic healing. One well selected homeopathic remedy can eliminate all the problems.

To select the right remedy needs knowledge. But it also needs you to give us the right information. That means your job is to really consider what we’re asking and to answer as accurately as you are able.

Bear in mind, that chronic conditions have been around for a while, so their healing will also take a while, although nothing like as long. There should be clear indications along the way that things are moving in the right direction. Areas that an untrained eye will frequently miss or misunderstand.

So regular (often monthly) consultations are needed to ensure this is happening and if adjustments are needed.

Life happen. New problems arise that may need a different approach and response.

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