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Stomatitis - Laura Vignolo

Bella has been eating raw food now for over a week and her improvement is just amazing!

She no longer sleeps all day, has lots of energy, plays with me, runs, climbs furniture and loves to explore cupboards.

She no longer shows any signs of nausea and her appetite doesn't fluctuate anymore, she's always hungry!

I feed her raw rabbit, duck, turkey, lamb and goat as well as lamb kidneys and heart. She licks the plate clean every time.

I can't believe the change and it's all thanks to you Madeleine!

Thank you so much Madeleine, I'm so glad I found you! You have given Bella her health back when no one else could. It's so comforting to know that she no longer will be seeing those awful veterinarians.

Ear Mites And Allergic Reaction - Lorenz Sommerer

We gave him one more dose (of the prescribed remedy - Ed) on Friday and observed. His eye has completely recovered.
And regarding the mites, we give him 2-3 drops (olive oil - Ed) each day in the evening into the ears.
No redness anymore and the outflow of mite dirt is clearly decreasing.
We will continue this treatment for another 3 weeks to shut down the mites for good.
We are already backing off with the cleaning and only checking if he can deal with the rest himself.
What surprises me about the olive oil treatment is that he does not mind at all.
I remember well how terrified he always was of the vets medicine.
Ballistol was a huge improvement. He "just" did not like it.
But the olive oil treatment is different. I pick him up, hold him, my wife applies, I put him down.
No fight, no complaining, nothing.
The only downside, now I got two cats in my bed every night!
Thank you very much for your help. We really appreciate it!

Blood in the Urine - Lauren B

Thank you for calling me months ago and telling me to take up the kibble to save my Siamese, Lovey Dovey. That’s exactly what I did immediately after our talk and we’ve never gone back.
The vets couldn’t do a thing for her and we were days away from burying her in our yard but now she is alert, active, grooms all day long, she pesters us for mealtime, her chin acne is gone, her eyes are clear, her breath isn’t as toxic, and the day after we took up the kibble the blood in the urine diminished then stopped.
You saved her and our obese can is now healthy, all three of our cats are thriving!

Stomatitis and Anal Glands - Glenna Bailey

History since starting raw food: Her main problems were stomatitis and anal glands that had to be manually expressed every 6 weeks or so. We started with raw food gradually on 10-13-21. When I took her to the vet for the periodic anal gland check, they checked her mouth, too. The vet asked me what I was doing differently because the redness and inflammation in her mouth was calmed down quite a bit. And her anal glands were empty. The vet said it appeared they were functioning again.

Not Eating, Gingivitis and Kidneys - Christa and Jeremy De Silva

Ralph(now 16) is one amazing cat; his reactions are now slowly disappearing, and he has been eating constantly for a couple of weeks. He’s staying out longer, more affectionate than ever and sleeps happily with us at night. When he is under the covers, he looks so peaceful and content with himself it makes me smile at how far we have come.
You have always been our rock no matter how bad the situation, when Ralph was weeks without eating, slipping away from us , you were there, guiding us through it. When the vets told us that this was an incurable disease you assured us that it wasn’t. It took us a little longer then most because Ralph adopted parents that had very little knowledge of what the universe was capable of. Luckily, he was very patient and guided us through the start of a slow but powerful learning curve that eventually opened up to Ralph becoming our teacher in life. We were always happy people however our health was always an issue for both of us. With your newsletters, books, and advice another world opened up that we couldn’t have believed possible. From two obese 50 years old to now running our own fitness business ,it all started with the kindness you showed us from the start. We started out to save the life of a 12year old rescued cat that in turned saved us.
Thank you soon much, you’re so amazing

Hyperthyroidism - Makenzie Marzluff

Our cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and prescribed meds for life. We questioned the vet and she said this is the only option. I refused and started researching holistic alternatives - which is how I found your work. We changed her diet as per your ebook recs and within 24 hrs her symptoms went down. Within just one month, her thyroid levels were completely back to normal. The vet was shocked and seemed even embarrassed. We are so grateful for you!! Thank you for doing this work!

Gingivitis and Kidneys - Christa and Jeremy De Silva

I have no idea what’s happening here, I’m still speechless , Ralph in the last two days has come out from hiding under the bed and followed me into the kitchen pestering to be fed. I’ve kept it simple so far and have just fed him chicken and kangaroo. Which he’s eating straight from the bowl without hesitation and very little anxiety. He hasn’t need the remedy for three days. He now is sitting out with us in the mornings and night. He’s not drooling any more, he’s head hasn’t got the jerks/ticks he used to do every 5 minutes. His poo is now solid. His fur is silky smooth.
We have just introduced very small pieces of chicken bone which he is a little anxious about but he’s eating most of them.
I really can’t believe it’s the same cat as a couple of weeks ago
Thank you again for all your support and help. We wouldn’t be in this situation with it.

Thyroid and Seizures - Sophie Handy

I spoke to you on Skype back in February (13th) after a worrying thyroid diagnosis for our cat Samba (circa 12 yrs old)- we took your advice, got rid of all her Whiskas cat food and Go-Crack biscuits out of the house and have since been feeding her raw chicken. I thankfully ordered your online book in April and feed her raw chicken wings, necks and chicken liver as well.
Her initial and follow up blood test results- 6th Feb- Thyroid reading 225.8 and a follow up (which I insisted on) 11th March Thyroid reading 29.7 after a month on raw chicken. The test was repeated as they couldn't believe it!
The vet who saw Samba was quite young and I can only hope she has learnt something from this experience too.
I haven't taken Samba back for another blood test since although I am quite interested to know what her T4 and other health markers are now..
The reason for the initial blood tests was that she was constantly asking for food and never satisfied. Now we have our routine (and not constant access to Go-Crack) she knows to not bother asking anymore in between meals! She was also having very distressing seizures which got the stage of literally knocking her off her feet- like someone had kicked her from behind.
These did get less and sometimes we weren't even sure she wasn't faking it to try and get some food as we could almost snap her out of it. Having read your Bach remedies for cats, I started putting Rescue Remedy in her water and mine, I think around mid April. Thankfully her seizures did dramatically improve as well.
She has in the last couple of weeks started to have them a little bit again- although she almost "walks into them" and out again as a way of coping with them. I did realise however that I had probably been slacking a little bit in putting drops of the rescue remedy in, also in my water bottle. I have since started again and I think I can see a slight improvement. She does have the odd eye and eyebrow twitch (similar as she did very early on).
I will let you know how we get on although she is definitely much better than she was a few months ago.
One other thing I thought you might be interested in, I lost my Mum 5 years ago after a very brief battle with ovarian cancer. Samba slept on my bed every night for two weeks after Mum died. Since Samba's thyroid issues she has been sleeping in more solitary places a bit more out of the way- however for the last three days she has been constantly by my side and sleeping snuggled very close. I have felt my Mum's presence very near over the last few days and I'm pretty sure Samba is an instrument in that connection too.
I've been meaning to message you for weeks to say thank you, but in recent days I guess the timing is just right.
So from four legs and two legs here, thank you very much indeed for your advice.

Holding Space at The End - Naomi Turvey

Your email arrived yesterday, the day that our cat Sooty decided to leave her body. She was 20.I am so glad we had the confidence to hold the space for her whilst she transitioned and that both John and I were on the same page in that regard. The end came quickly really. On Saturday she just decided she didn’t want her (raw) food any more, yesterday she didn’t want her water either, even by dropper, and was still ‘with us’ until half an hour before she stopped breathing for good - in front of the fire as it was a wild and wet day down here. I know not everyone has the ability or desire to be with their pet at such a time and I’m also grateful I had your book as a reminder of the process. I am grateful Sooty got to chose when to leave and that she had such a long, happy life with us.

Introducing a Raw Diet - Holly Plank

Thanks again for introducing me to a raw diet. Vic has been on it now for many years and Coco who we got from the pound at 8 months, now 3, loves the raw food. When we adopted her she was eating dry rainbow colored food…can you imagine what must have been in that!!!. The first meal at our house I put a tiny bit of raw on her kibble, I mean the size of half a pea and she would not touch it but within a week she was hooked on raw food. They do know what is good. Vic is 15 and his blood work came back perfect. Keep up the good work. I enjoy your emails and refer to the book I bought and downloaded form you.

Fleas - Linda

I haven't had fleas on my cat's for at least 10 years and I have 14 cats that go outside not a flea in sight... I do not feed any type of cat food they eat people food raw and Cooked on occasion and they are minimally vaccinated.

Bullies, Bullied and Haematoma - Cindy Winkelman

I wanted to share a couple of miracles I have witnessed with homeopathy. Some time ago, I adopted an abandoned cat that was just becoming fertile. I named her Littler. She must have been abused or damaged in some way because she appeared very frightened and would not leave the room I put her in. I had several other cats at the time. One male cat, Yogi, reacted aggressively toward her. He growled and swatted at her, and once when I took Littler outside for some sun, he chased her up a tree and then sat there waiting for her to descend so that he could beat her up! I sought out Madeleine's advice to see if homeopathy could help and she recommended one remedy to treat both cats. I gave them this remedy just two or three times and lo and behold, Littler got more courage and started venturing out of her room on her own and Yogi began cowing down to her and leaving her alone. I couldn't believe it! Yogi has never chased her again!

Then, when I castrated Littler, she arrived home with a huge hematoma on her abdomen. I kept hoping that while she was healing, the swelling would go away. When I returned to the vet to remove the stitches 10 days later, the vet said that another surgery would be required to fix the problem. I was horrified at the thought of putting Littler through all of that again. So I sought Madeleine's advice and she gave me a remedy to heal Littler on the inside naturally. And miraculously the hematoma disappeared in a matter of days! I've included two before/after photos as evidence because it's almost hard to believe.
The miracles of homeopathy should never be discounted!

Second Chance - Melissa Havens

I purchased your ebook June 11th, 2020 when I was desperately looking for alternative ways to help my sick ragdoll cat of 15 wonderful years. Unfortunately, I realize now that I feel prey to the “mainstream Healthcare system” during a pandemic and missed my opportunity to save Gizmo using a natural approach. Fast forward almost a year later of receiving your emails that I realized I have a second chance to get it right with Mysty our new Ragdoll companion. I re-read your book and last week began implementing your raw food diet protocol with Mysty. She is responding quite well and the less frequent not loose or stinky poo is wonderful. Literally 36 hours after stopping her dry food and first raw food introduction with her normal wet food and WOW! AMAZING! Didn’t have the urge to evacuate the house from the stench, in fact I didn’t even know that she had gone until I saw it in her box. THRILLED!

Difficult Breathing - Anthony Jolley

I thought I should write and share some good news with you since we've been corresponding. When I last wrote, I was frustrated by my family’s unwillingness to be consistent with feeding raw chicken for our sick cat. I had to let go of the arguments until I did some more research that I believe were linked from your articles. I remember reading a story from a pet owner how raw food saved their dog’s life from diarrhea. Well, I sent my family articles along with a company that produces organic raw food here in the U.S. that is freeze dried and/or frozen also carried here at Petco. I found out that my mother had already ordered a similar product from a similar company. I found Instinct Pet Food and she found The Simple Food Project. So, I was pleased that my prayers which begun several weeks ago were finally being answered to know what do about our cat but also to "see the light" in trying something different other than processed pet food. And good timing too because the cat's health was suffering again with difficulty breathing, the loud snoring noise and alarming hacking sound she was making.
When it arrived, the cat couldn't eat enough. She may have possibly been overeating but her appetite was incredible. She would eat the other cat's food too when he was finished! By the way, I read what you said in your recent email about fasting and taking it slow but she did go through a slow increase in eating a couple weeks back after losing half her weight. Then, we saw a noticeable difference only after 24 hours where the loud noise turned into a wheezing and then after 48 hours, the noise was almost gone and she was acting more like herself with more energy and has been improving every day. My parents were astonished and very happy that the cat seems to have lost all those symptoms. However, a week to two weeks later, the sound is trying to come back and may be related to the cause of her illness which we were told by the vet was cancer but could be something else like a fungal infection. They honestly don’t know. But she is so much better than she was before.
I will say that it’s been an incredible revelation from the state she was in a month ago. She likes to lay in the sun near the back sliding door window in the mornings and is playful again. Her appetite is extremely healthy as she eats more than she used to and you can see her body weight back to normal with her black coat a silky sheen.
This has been quite a learning experience for me and want to thank you again for recommending the raw food to help save our cat. I believe that was instrumental along with our prayers that led me to your site in the first place. It was difficult for the parents to digest the advice as I mentioned, but now they seem to be both won over as the evidence is irrefutable. I don't know what the cause for the illness was that seems to be lingering but believe that with her strengthening immune system, she should have a fighting chance.

Vomiting Every Day - Cera

Jojo is doing perfectly well, and I can say that you are a big part of this state of affairs. I still genuinely think you are a uniquely gifted healer. He is eating really good, he devours everything I put in his bowl, and asking for more pretty much every day, and – if not supervised, stealing the food from his mother and his brother.
We’ve been through a lot of trouble with Jojo in the last couple of years, so for me, the fact that he is doing so well because of you, is – like I said previously, almost magical. There were times when I thought I will lose him, so thank you so much foe getting into our lives.
Jojo is joyful, playful – he is actively asking for challenges. His poop looks great (crumbly), even though in the last couple of weeks he is not drinking (his remedied) water anymore, but he seems to enjoy only the regular, filtrated water.
Last time he vomited on Nov 14, and that was a hair ball, so no concern at all. You were right, healing takes time. I only feed him rough free run poultry, a couple of times a week lamb, with rough whole egg and every other day, chicken wings. Following your advise, I stopped to add any other supplements in his food.

Healing Stomatitis - Cindy Winkelman

I love my cat Little Man! He’s been my faithful companion and lap buddy for nearly 10 years. So about nine months ago, when I noticed he was having trouble yawning and discovered that his teeth were full of tarter, I became very alarmed. I took him to my local vet and had his teeth cleaned immediately. She said it was one of the worst cases of tarter she’d ever seen. I’d been raw feeding Little Man for about seven years. My vet was adamantly against it, so I assumed that as usual, she was indirectly criticizing my feeding habits.
She mentioned that Little Man had symptoms of stomatitis, a very painful and debilitating disease of the gums. She gave him a round of antibiotics to help it. He seemed so much better, and I was extremely grateful to see him back to his old self. But within about two weeks, he started having problems again. She gave him another round of antibiotics and this time, his symptoms just didn’t seem to improve much. Then she tried laser light treatments, which helped a little, but he was slowly loosing interest in food and his ability to eat was declining rapidly. She did some blood work and also informed me that he had a form of leukemia.
Out of desperation, I began doing my own research about treatment for stomatisis and discovered that the only real veterinary treatment was a total tooth extraction. I watched a video about what that entailed and I was horrified! I couldn’t imagine putting my cat through the agony of pulling every single one of his teeth. And if a bit of a root was left in his gums, another surgery would be required because otherwise, the stomatitis would continue growing and causing pain.
In my search for alternatives, I came across Madeleine Innocent. Her writing and her philosophy of health really resonated with me. I’d never used homeopathy, but some of my friends had told me that it worked wonders in animals. Others had also used it to heal their children. I found a “homeopath” online in the US (I am an American living in Brazil) that sold a formula for stomatitis and ordered it. But my cat got really bad fast and nearly quit eating altogether.
So I decided to consult with Madeleine, and I’m so glad I did! She explained to me that I hadn’t been giving enough bone to my cat to keep his teeth clean. She also had me immediately stop the other homeopathic treatment I had purchased as it was not at all designed for the health issues of my particular cat because each of us are so unique.
After filling out an extensive survey and having an equally extensive consultation with Madeleine over the phone, she made her recommendation. I began treatments in earnest, and it was challenging! My cat had so much mouth pain that I had to cut his little meat chunks into tiny 1/8 inch bites, feeding him those one by one off the tip of my finger, hoping he would just swallow them. I was highly motivated to save him and there were glimmers of hope; I kept at it.
After about four months my Little Man began to come back to me. He was still eating off my fingers, but the bites were more like half inch now and he was eating with more vigor (he had lost so much weight!). I had to travel for a month and leave my cat with a sitter who was dedicated to keeping up with the treatments until my return.
Since my return, my Little Man has begun eating normally and completely on his own. The first time he crunched into a bone I was sure I was witnessing a miracle! While he still has problems chewing bone (although he does try!), he can eat them if I cut them up a little. He also loves to sit on my lap again after spending months preferring to stay outside far away from me.
He is not yet 100%, but I am dedicated to the treatment and I can tell he just keeps getting better. I am a firm believer in homeopathy now. (I was recently diagnosed with glaucoma, which Madeleine is now treating with homeopathy!)
There was a time when I tried to be at peace with the fact that my beloved cat might actually not make it. But he did make it, and I was proud to finally inform my local vet that homeopathy was in fact healing him. It was curing his dis-ease because it focused on his immune system, not just his symptoms. She was amazed!
My experience has taught me that homeopathy does in fact work, it can even heal a debilitating illness like stomatitis, but it takes time, courage, dedication and persistence. Most of all, it requires a knowledgeable and compassionate homeopath, someone like Madeleine Innocent, to find the right formula for each individual animal. I am so fortunate to have found her, and I recommend her highly. Because of her, my Little Man is no longer suffering. He is back to his old loving self.

Behaviour Issues - Valeria Zubritskaya

Our cat has changed so much for the better! She is calm, and purrs, and cuddles, and has a much more controller reaction to things she dislikes. There is a warning meow now, and a warning tap on the hand with no claws whereas before it was directly cry to the heavens and claws and tons of bad attitude at the slightest provocation.'t had fleas on my cat's for at least 10 years and I have 14 cats that go outside not a flea in sight... I do not feed any type of cat food they eat people food raw and Cooked on occasion and they are minimally vaccinated.

Happy... - Beverly Cogan

You should know that I soak up every word you offer up. It makes so much sense.

Raw Feeding - Rachel Unger

I just wanted to give you an update on Zoe and my other two kitties. Since switching them to the all raw diet, all of their coats have gotten much softer and shinier, all of their sneezing, weepy eyes and runny noses that seemed to appear every few weeks have stopped, and Tanner's hairless, scabbed up patches on the back of both legs (supposedly from herpes) have completely healed! Yay!

Recovery from a death sentence - Nany R

As always, your advice is right on point and truly life-saving. Two years ago this last May, I had an unneutered little cat come to my home - terribly sick, dehydrated and starving. He had a huge abscess on his left cheek, had lost most of his fur along his spine especially near his neck and between his shoulders, his eyes were "goopy", his fur was dull and lifeless, and he was very lethargic. He was near death.
I had five cats in my household at that time, all rescues. Long story short - Frankie (as he is now known) is a permanent resident of my home. The veterinarian had diagnosed him as being Feline AIDS positive and had strongly suggested he be euthanized. I refused - knowing these "tests" are far from perfect, and this little guy deserved his chance at life. He was kept away from the balance of my cat family (I am blessed to have a walkout basement with an apartment - and Mr. Frankie called that his home for over 6 months while he recuperated.) He was given only a raw, homemade diet of chicken thigh meat and/or slightly cooked wild caught Alaskan Salmon, vitamins and minerals and Alaskan Salmon oil, and at least four times a week organic chicken liver.
He also had only fresh, deep-well water from our well that is sunk over 800 feet into the mountains of North Carolina, immune-system boosting herbs and homeopathics. Today he is the most wonderful, beautiful and unforgettable little guy anyone could ever hope for. And he loves me so much it is almost sad. Frankie is a stinker - and plays like a kitten. I have no idea how old he is, but in his mind he is a kitten . . . and that's all that matters. The veterinarian did neuter him, did give him a rabies vaccination which I now wish he hadn't done (however it was only a one year vaccine and not a three year - he will never get another vaccine). My little fellow miracle buddy will spend the rest of his life in a real home, with other cat buddies and a "mother" who daily praises our Mutual Creator for bringing him to me. Thank you, Madeleine and thank you God. Some wonderful day we will all be beyond this place and will embrace an eternal life of joy beyond description. And, yes, the animals are all there!

Having Fun - Nancy R

As to your comment to no vacuuming "so an old fashioned broom does the job admirably", might I also suggest it can provided a huge amount of fun. At my house, Frankie the Stinker Cat, thinks the broom is a huge tackle toy. With butt in the air and his 3 inch long tail wagging like crazy, and front shoulders and legs hugging the floor, eyes as big as the moon searching for just the right moment to pounce - the game is on. Trying to use the broom always turns into play time . . . and I love it as much as he does.

Aggression Solved - Anon

My cat keeps biting me! It has been going on for months now. I can't think of any specific thing that started it. I have read up on the internet and the articles say she is just playing but I don't buy that. I play with her at night when I get home from work but that doesn't seem to help. When I sit on the lounge to watch TV she glares at me, the ears go back, tail swishes back and forth and she launches herself at me. I usually just put her on the floor and try to ignore her but she will keep going for me or my legs. Eventually she will get up on my lap and go to sleep.
I think it started after my daughter moved out of home in February. Kitten is home alone a lot more now as my daughter was home for parts of the day and I am at work all day. There have been two occasions when I have been away for a week and my daughter has come home to look after Kitten. Nothing else has changed or happened that I can remember.
I am only feeding Kitten dry food now - which I know you don't like but it seems to be the only thing she will eat. I used to give her a chicken neck for dinner and some dry food in the morning but she stopped eating the chicken necks. I gave her mince once but she wouldn't touch it.
Kitten will also go to bite me when I am at the table working on the computer or reading a book. Sometimes she attacks my legs when I am playing with her.
As I write this it sounds like she wants more attention but if I try to pat her while I'm doing other stuff she bites my hand. She also doesn't like being picked up. She wasn't like this when she was a little kitten - she was very cuddly and gentle. (Kitten is about 11 months old).
I took her to the vet 23 Nov 2009 to have the 12 month vaccination.
The vet was angry with me when I told her I was feeding her a raw diet.
OMG I am so amazed! Kitten has been raw for 6 days now and what a difference! In fact, I noticed the difference on the second day. She is so much calmer, more loving, and far less aggressive towards me. I have been letting her outside in the morning before I go to work. She stays out for about 20 minutes and then comes racing inside to say hello. She then goes out again until I have to leave.
I have found a product call R.A.W BARF which is a raw food product developed by a vet in Bathurst NSW. It contains human quality food; flesh, bones, offal, vegetables and fruit, so pretty much a complete meal. I give Kitten a serve of that for breakfast and a chicken neck for dinner.
Thank you so much for giving me the confidence to get Kitten back to raw food. She is a delight to have around.

Ringworm - Sarah P

Thanks so much for your help in getting Regina back to her usual self (cat with ringworm).

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