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The Most Destructive Cat Food

It’s likely that you’ll be shocked to discover that the most popular cat food is also the most destructive cat food

It keeps them alive, sort of, for a few years. But it doesn’t keep them healthy and it allows chronic illness to develop, albeit slowly and stealthily, so you, and those who should know, can’t easily see the cause.

Causes of illnesses aren’t always obvious, especially in chronic illness, that develops slowly, over years. Certainly it’s easy to see the immediate effects of an acute issue, such as an accident, a bite, a burn, etc. For chronic disease, you need to be far more discerning.

Whilst vets have been taught to rely for all their information and protocols from both big pharma and big pet food, obviously these industries have very different agendas from anyone who really cares about their patients. Industries main drive is to make money. In unethical industries, they don’t care how.

It has become obvious that both big pharma and big pet food are in that category.

What Is The Most Destructive Cat Food And Why

Dry cat food, or kibble, is THE most destructive cat food for the following main reasons (there are more):

  1. Cats don’t have a natural thirst as they came from the arid areas of the world where water is scarce. They have evolved to get their liquid needs from their food, their prey. They never make up the short fall when fed dry kibble, which leads to a chronic state of dehydration.
  2. Most, if not all, dry cat food contains a great deal of plant based food. Cats are carnivores. They cannot manage the mild poisons found in plants, that herbivores and omnivores manage so easily.
  3. To keep the kibble on the shelf for years, it MUST contain preservatives, whatever the label indicates. The preservatives used in cat food would never be allowed in human food because they are so toxic. In addition, cats are far more sensitive than we are, so are much more affected by toxins.
  4. What little animal protein found in most dry cat food is very poor quality as the best quality goes to the more lucrative human market. Cats need good quality animal protein.
  5. The fat, or oil, content can be as much as 50%, which is very damaging to cats. Wild cats prey are normally lean and muscular, not fat.

Typical Health Issues That Result From Eating Dry Cat Food

Although, the most destructive cat food, ie the kibble, keeps the cat alive. It doesn’t keep them healthy. Typically, they develop chronic disease at an early age and die, or are killed, too young. No one can have a strong immune system when they eat the wrong food for their species.

Have you noticed that cats at young at 10 years old are now considered elderly?

All manner of ailments affect these cats which vets only treat with drugs, further diminishing the immune effectiveness.

Eventually, the cat will develop the serious conditions that vets are unable to treat successfully, such as stomatitis and organ failure, especially the kidneys and liver.

This is unsurprising when you look at the diet. 

And all it ever took was feeding according to the species.

Life is not complicated. But you do have to follow natural laws rather than the hype that comes with every industry.

Every cat will benefit from a change to their natural diet, even when it’s their last meal. They may have to go through a conversion stage which is often accompanied by a period of de-toxing, but once through that, their health will improve, often exponentially.

Cats can live healthy lives into their late 20s on the right diet. The idea that a cat is geriatric at 10 is ludicrous, and the main cause is the wrong diet.

Get the low down on the easiest, the least complicated way to feed a cat a natural raw made with love.

It’s not expensive or difficult. And it can save a lot of anxiety, heart-break and your bank account.

The largest hurdle is getting your head around the idea!

NB Whilst a change to a species specific diet will always improve health, for the complicated, chronic or stubborn health issues, extra help may be needed. See Help Options below.

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